“I’m a singer writing songs…..what a concept”

Chris Hergenroder is an American singer/songwriter and self-taught musician who started off playing rhythm guitar in local bands.  He got frustrated with never being able to find a singer and decided to just do it himself.

“I found my voice, literally”

Chris began studying any and all information he could on the art of singing and started on a path of finding out who he was as a vocalist and a person.  Once he began studying the methods of vocal coaches to the stars such as Brett Manning, Melissa Cross, Jamie Vendera and Thomas Appell, Chris’s voice started to take shape and getting stronger, which opened up the desire to dig deeper into songwriting since he could now sing the songs himself.

“I don’t like boundaries or labels. They cause too many restrictions”

With adamant disdain for people trying to control his music and tell him what to do and label him and his music,  Chris has always walked the personal and musical path of his choice.  Not one to follow trends or fads, he has been described as “liking what he likes”.  There are no restrictions based on genre or style and he does not like something just because it’s “cool” or “in” and that is reflected in his writing style.

Chris writes and sings what he feels whether it’s a hard driving rock song, a heart tugging ballad or a keyboard heavy pop song.

“What’s in a song”

Well, if it were written by this man, it could be anything from candid introspection to cynical sarcasm.  With topics such as love, betrayal, living in the moment and the struggles of life and death, Chris Hergenroder is carving out a niche as a musician for the common man (& woman) with songs that reflect real life, real problems and real people.  He is currently writing and recording his solo release, a culmination of influences such as (but not limited to) Gin Blossoms, 3 Doors Down, Chris Daughtry, John Mellencamp and Bon Jovi.

“This is more than a show, it’s an experience”

Chris guides the audience through the songs, the stories and the humorous anecdotes, winning over fans with every performance.  If you think you’ve seen it all, look again. There are some great musicians out there, but few can match the range or the ability to connect with such a vast audience as Chris Hergenroder.